Visitor Procedures

We welcome the involvement of our families in the educational program of their children. To insure the safety of our children and to maintain a quality learning environment for our students, we ask that you adhere to the following procedures when visiting Lincoln Elementary School. Thank you for your continued interest in your child’s education.

1. Entering the school, please press the outside buzzer at the front entrance.

2. Using the visitor entrance, report to the office, sign in and list the reason for your visit.

3. Provide a photo ID in exchange for a visitor’s pass.

4. All visits to the classroom need to be pre-arranged with the classroom teacher.

5. If younger siblings are brought with you, this must be cleared with the classroom teacher.

6. Siblings are not allowed to accompany chaperones on field trips.

7. If volunteering in a classroom, confidentiality of students’ abilities, behaviors, or discipline matters is a necessity.

8. If the teacher is not in the classroom when you arrive, please wait outside the classroom for that teacher.

9. If you need to drop something off for a teacher, please leave it with office personnel.

10. Impromptu visits may not be allowed due to classroom schedules. Always pre-arrange visits with the teacher.

11. Please drop off items for your children in the office. Office personnel will deliver those items to the classroom. We want to minimize the disruptions to the classroom instruction.

12. Upon exiting the building visitors need to return to the office to receive their photo ID and sign out.

13. If you will not be leaving the main office, you will not be asked for your ID.