Dual Language

What is Dual Language?

Dual language is an opportunity for students learn a new language while learning academic content. The three main goals of Dual language programs are to allow students to grow to become bilingual, biliterate and gain multicultural competence throughout the course of their participation in the program from K-5. Beginning in Kindergarten students from two different language backgrounds have the opportunity to learn together. Students of Spanish dominant homes and English dominant homes will have the opportunity to learn a new language together in classrooms comprise of 50/50 Spanish and English dominant students. During the instructional day students will spend 50 % of their time learning in Spanish and 50% of their time learning in English. This ration enables all students to be language models, as well as second language learners. All students learn to read, write, listen and speak in both languages. For additional information and research regarding the benefits of DL and to explore if DL is right for you please see our attached DL brochure, research articles, and frequently asked questions.

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Dual Language Frequently Asked Questions